Best Times to Use a Financial Expert Witness

When going through court litigations, there are certain aspects that cannot be handled by the lawyer alone. This is especially true when going into fiscal details that are better understood and analyzed by the financial expert witness, an individual whose career revolves around money management. Here are some instances that would require their assistance.

Reparation Estimates

In cases demanding compensation, a financial expert can justify the monetary value owed. The expert can provide and explain the necessary documents that will rationalize the cost being reported. Regardless of the educational attainment and arithmetic ability of the client, a qualified financial specialist may be needed especially in computing conservative mathematical assumptions and uncovering compelling past, present and future losses.

Damage Validity

When looking at the opposite side of the coin, a financial authority is the ideal person to call in to substantiate the claims being made. He or she can corroborate or refute any declarations made by the other side. The court is most likely to side with the judgment of an independent financial expert witness rather than that of a disgruntled complainant.

Best Times to Use a Financial Expert Witness

Economic Impact

The plaintiff may be the best man to enumerate his actual expenses or earnings, but only a well-rounded and experienced financial expert witness can put a price to intangible or unrealized values. These potential proportions could include employee benefits, insurance claims and other foreseeable incidents that may have been denied or are inaccessible due to the circumstances leading to the trial.

Pecuniary Translations

Most judges and juries will not be able to decipher the significance or insignificance of all the values presented in income statements and reports for restitution. It is the burden of the financial expert witness to properly appraise any and all computations, enlighten the court of law on such calculations, and uphold reason and fair judgment for the entirety of the hearing. Provided he passes cross-examination, his assessment will hold the most weight.
Upon deciding on the services of a financial expert witness, one must look for a reliable and scrupulous individual. Look for someone with experience and adequate educational and employment backgrounds on the specifics of the suit. With a good expert on the team, the firm is a step towards being ultimately assured of a solid case, commendable judicious practices, and an expedited hearing. He or she will help win the case, bring acclaim to the practice, and return the client back to real life.

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